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Why Swapx?

Digital Innovation to the traditional Chromium physical trading market

Welcome to SwapX, the Online Global Chromium Trading Platform.

Designed for intuitive use, we have created a secure, interactive, online marketplace platform for the buying and selling of Chromium and Chrome Ore products.

SwapX facilitates cost-effective trading and speedier transactions by eliminating the need for third-party intervention. The SwapX platform lowers supplier and consumer acquisition costs making it easier, quicker and more cost-effective to trade Chrome Ore products.

Transactions can be processed within minutes of product demand or supply being listed. We promote dealing directly by ensuring all online business transactions take place within a safe, Global environment, where trust is readily established.

As a Member of SwapX, you will become part of the state-of the-art, online leading Global community of certified, and vetted buyers and sellers of Chromium and Chrome Ore products.


The SwapX Difference Matching Supply and Demand 

SwapX immediately matches demand with supply using an advanced rules-based notification engine to alert and notify registered SwapX members, in real-time, of potential transactions that fit the criteria and parameters as determined and customised by the Chromium producer or consumer.

These real-time alerts give SwapX a distinct advantage over any other B2B search engines in the industry.

The SwapX Difference facilitates direct contact between certified producers and consumers, allowing both to structure their relationship on either a once-off (spot deal) or long term basis.

The Future of Online Global Trading of Chromium and Chrome based products starts with the SwapX Difference.

Benefits for Sellers

Reduced Overheads

Rapid turnover of stock means lower storage and security costs on site.

Improved Cashflow

Reduced time between mining/processing and cash to cash cycle.

Expanded Market

Reach new and existing customers Worldwide.

Enhanced Competitiveness

Level playing field – negotiate transactions direct with reliable and vetted Buyers.

Benefits for Buyers

Quality Assurance

Vetted suppliers verified by SwapX

Certified ownership

No doubts as to seller’s ownership and rights to deal.  

Market intelligence

Data-driven certainty in volatile markets.  


Spot deal facility to take advantage of market fluctuations.


Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge trading platform with advanced notification engine.

Data Driven

Real-time prices and market insights. Linking the dots in Data between producers and consumers.

Global Exposure

Connect with producers and consumers Globally, and join an International Chromium Community.

Due Diligence

Comprehensive vetting of all buyers and sellers means legitimate, rapid transactions every time – with minimal risk.

Deal Directly

A broader market for producers, better sourcing for consumers.

Fixed Costs

Once off, Annual membership fee.

Digital Market

Fully compliant with the Competition Law, SwapX meets all security and governance requirements.

No Need to Search

Why search for Chromium when SwapX will notify you, based on your criteria?


Products SwapX Specialises In:

  • Chrome Concentrate
  • Foundry Grade (Chrome sand)
  • Chemical Grade
  • Refractory grade