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About Us

SwapX was established to provide an Online physical trading platform for producers and consumers of Chrome ore products.

Rather than searching for Chromium ore products, the SwapX online physical trading platform will link buyers and sellers by an advanced product search criteria, a rules based notification engine that will alert buyers and sellers alike via the latest technology using real-time notification alerts.

SwapX will ensure that all buyers and sellers are vetted through a stringent due diligence process prior to being activated as members on the platform, thus providing both parties peace of mind in terms of the legitimacy of transaction and quality of the product. This will speed up the deal process and facilitate further engagements timeously and reliably.

SwapX will provide a real-time, cloud-based “direct contact environment” where suppliers and buyers can quickly and conveniently make a connection and process a transaction within minutes of product demand or supply being listed – all this without a single phone call. Transactions are de-risked by pre-vetting and due diligence processes and deal enablement is facilitated with various tools and partners on the online platform.

SwapX’s secure environment meets all security and governance requirements through a simple and easy to use interface, reducing resources and cost required, yet is powerful enough to provide all the functionality required.

About Us