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How It Works

How does the SwapX physical commodity trading platform work?

At SwapX, we are doing away with the traditional commodity sales cycle and buying model. Our advanced platform enables certified producers and consumers of Chrome ore products to deal directly, regardless of location and time zone.

The SwapX live trading environment enables complete efficiency into the traditional physical Chromium trading model, as product and price can be negotiated between members directly in real time.

SwapX will only list approved and qualified Chromium producers and consumers once the due diligence process has been completed; therefore SwapX has legitimized the entire trading process.

The SwapX technological intelligence platform uses an advanced rules-based notification engine to alert and notify registered members of potential transactions that fit the product criteria that members have already set. Our members can then search for specific product types according to quality and quantity they require.

How It Works



Complete in full the online registration form as a Buyer or Seller.



Stringent due diligence process conducted on all producers and consumers, provides ultimate peace of mind.



Sellers to create listings based on product availability, and Buyers to create listings based on product qualtity and quantity required.



Buyers and Sellers will receive real time automatic alerts, matching supply with demand.


Deal direct

Live trading environment 24/7, linking vetted Buyers and Sellers directly, with no 3rd party intervention.

How It Works

Registration process

How we create credible connection through trading Chrome

Before activation and approval as a member on the SwapX digital platform, producers and consumers must undergo a strict, independent due diligence and validation process to guarantee those listed on our platform are credible and authorised to trade.

Our vetting process criteria for the validity of producers and consumers

  • Verification of business registration and rights to product
  • Independent site visit and inspection conducted by SwapX
  • Certificate of incorporation for your company (alternatively, legal documentation of similar standing)

SwapX will do the entire verification and vetting process for you before we are satisfied to register any Chromium buyer / seller under the SwapX name. Our registered members can have complete peace of mind knowing that they are selling and procuring from legitimate and professional entities.

Once a producer and consumer have successfully been qualified and approved to trade on the SwapX platform, each member will receive an independent password per individual / juristic person, or business.